eBook: Online Privacy Secrets Reveled!

The Internet can be a dangerous place. Search engines such as Google keep log files of all your searches, making it possible to track your search activity back to you.  When you give out your personal information on websites, there is a risk it can be stolen, misused, or logged to monitor your online activity.

This eBook provides a wealth of information on how to reduce your online presence, prevent websites from tracking you, minimize the amount of information you give out on the Internet,  how to protect your computer from hackers, conceal your phone and credit card numbers, and much more.

The Table of Contents of this eBook includes:

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28 Pages...
13 Chapters...

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  How to Hide Your Real IP Address while Web Surfing.
How to Stop Google from Recording your Search Habits.
How to Erase your Google Search History.
Using Free Anonymous E-mail Services.
How to send Encrypted E-mails for free.
Avoiding SPAM with Special E-mail accounts.
How to Protect Yourself from Identity Theft.
How to Identify E-mails and Websites that steal your Identity.
Using Anonymous Credit Cards for Online Payments.
Prevent your Phone Number from Falling into the wrong hands.
Shut Out Hackers and Detect Intrusion Attempts.
Three Easy Steps to Prevent Spyware from Infecting your PC.
Preventing your ISP from Snooping on your Internet Activity.

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