DNS Proxy Setup for the Asus Modem


1. Login to your Asus Modem Admin Panel.

2. In order to access to your Asus Modem Admin Panel please visit from your Internet Browser. This is the default IP address. But some modems may be different, so if your admin panel doesn't open please try or

3. Enter your Asus Router admin panel username and password and LOGIN. The default credentials are admin for username and admin for password. You can find the correct information from your router manual handbook.

4. Select Advanced Settings from the left panel. Then select WAN.

5. Click Edit from the right panel Wan Configuration.

6. Dynamic IP for WAN.

7. Enter Smart DNS Proxy DNS IPs to DNS Server 1 and DNS Server 2 sections as following:

Chose the servers closest to your physical location.
Click on Apply.
Restart your router.