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Eight Years of Excellence - Important New Hide My IP Software Release Announced by My Privacy Tools, Inc.

My Privacy Tools, Inc, publisher of the popular proxy software Hide My IP, celebrates eight years of excellence, helping users improve and maintain their online privacy.

San Diego, California (June 18, 2014) - This week, the long awaited new version of Hide My IP has been released from My Privacy Tools, Inc, a leader in online privacy solutions. In this latest edition, Hide My IP version 6.0 features an improved Windows metro-like interface, more proxy IP locations, new security improvements, and an encrypted API for secure communication between Hide My IP an end user systems.

With the never ending news concerning hackers, data breaches, government surveillance, and serious software vulnerabilities such as the recent OpenSSL software bugs, there is an ever growing demand for privacy solutions to safe guard against the constant barrage of online threats. By using trusted proxy software such as Hide My IP, users can ensure their Internet usage is safe and secure.

In addition to online identity protection, Hide My IP can also be used to unblock websites that prevent access from certain IP addresses or locations. Many streaming content providers such as online TV, movie, radio, and news sites often block access to visitors based on their IP address, making it difficult for regular visitors to use such sites when traveling abroad.

In addition to the new software release, My Privacy Tools, Inc has this year undergone other major important changes including an appointing of new management, a makeover of the company home page, and the adoption of Bitcoin as a payment method. Bitcoin has become a popular payment method of choice for customers who wish to pay for goods and services online due to its anonymity properties.

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My Privacy Tools, Inc is a private corporation based in San Diego, California. Founded in 2006, the company launched it's first privacy software product Hide My IP, allowing users to hide or change their IP address while surfing websites. The San Diego based software company continues to develop new and useful solutions for people concerned about protecting their online privacy. Hide My IP® is a registered trademark of My Privacy Tools, Inc. For more information about My Privacy Tools, please visit

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