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My Privacy Tools Releases New Edition of Hide My IP 5.0 and a Mac OS X Edition

An improved interface, increased compatibility, more IP locations, and the new Gold Pass service are some of the highlights of this year's release.

Encinitas, California (February 1, 2010) - My Privacy Tools, Inc. today announced a major update to its user-friendly privacy software Hide My IP version 5.0, which employs advanced anonymous web surfing technology allowing users to protect their online identity.  Additionally, Hide My IP for Mac OS X has also been released and is now available for download, having most of the same features as the Windows edition.

This year marks the fifth generation release of Hide My IP by My Privacy Tools, a trusted name in the online privacy community.  New product features include an improved interface, increased product stability and compatibility, and more IP locations to select from.  Customers of previous Hide My IP versions may pay an upgrade fee to use their existing license code with the latest 5.0 release, which is fully compatible with the Windows 7 and other Windows editions as far back as NT/2000.

My Privacy Tools also offers two enhanced levels of service: the Premium Service and Gold Pass.  Premium service grants users the ability to access extra features, locations and improved connection speeds for an additional subscription fee.  Due to availability constraints, some locations are reserved for holders of the Hide My IP Gold Pass, enabling access to these special regions and IP addresses.

The company continues to provide free minor software updates, free technical support by phone and E-mail, and free help on the company forums for all software products and services. All support staff reside in North America and speak English clearly.  Twitter and Facebook accounts as well as a company blog were launched in late 2009 to keep in touch with privacy advocates with the latest company releases, product updates, and privacy news.

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My Privacy Tools, Inc is a private corporation based in Encinitas, California. Founded in 2006, the company launched it�s first privacy software product Hide My IP, allowing users to hide or change their IP address while surfing websites. The San Diego based software company continues to develop new and useful solutions for people concerned about protecting their online privacy. Hide My IP� is a registered trademark of My Privacy Tools, Inc. For more information about My Privacy Tools, please visit

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