Cookie Crumble 5.0

Advanced cookie removal and protection.

Instant Download with License Key

(1Mb, Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10)

Wipe Cookies Clean Off Your Computer

Remove cookies from a single website or domain name, or purge all your browser cookies forever with Cookie Crumble. Remove cookies by domain name or part of a domain. Supports Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Firefox.

Benefits & Features

  • Erase only the cookies you want, keep the rest.
  • Quickly delete all Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Firefox cookies.
  • Clear stored website passwords or other stored site data of a given domain.
  • Prevent websites from tracking your online activities.
  • Block all cookies automatically while using Hide My IP.
  • Automatically clear your cookies from a list of websites each time your IP changes with Hide My IP.

Prevent Online Tracking

If a website or forum has banned you or is monitoring your online activity with tracking cookies. This powerful cookie cleaner can also wipe ALL cookies from Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Mozilla Firefox.

Erase Cookie Evidence

Your browser cookies can be checked to see which websites you have visited, even after clearing your browsing history. Cookie Crumble allows you to safely wipe unwanted cookies from your PC.