How To Add An Exception To The Bit Defender Firewall


By following the directions below you can add an exception to the Bit Defender Firewall

Open Bit Defender's main screen.

Bit Defender main screen
Bit Defender, Firewall

From the left navigation menu select "Firewall".

From the tabs on the top of the window select "Programs".

Bit Defender, Firewall, Programs
Bit Defender, Firewall, Programs, Add Rule

Select "Add Rule".

Select "Browse". Browse the list starting from "My Computer" to the Hide My IP folder. The path for this is c:\Program Files\Hide My IP. If you are running a 64bit OS then the Hide My IP folder will be in "c:\Program Files (x86)\Hide My IP" instead of in "Program Files". Then, select HideMyIP.exe and press "open". Once selected change the options to match the window below and select "OK". Repeat these steps to add HideMyIpSrv.exe as well.

Bit Defender, Firewall, Programs, Add Rule for HideMyIP.exe and HideMyIpSrv.exe